Select A Pepper Spray For Self- Defence

The world is changing today and is not as safe as it used to be. Times are hard and seem to be getting harder, people are now becoming more desperate as more crises tend to bring more problems to the common man. The crime rate today seems to be higher and almost in proportion with the rise in unemployment.

There are more incidents of armed robbery and muggings lately which makes it very hard to feel safe while walking in some neighborhoods at the evening.This is why self defence weapons are important. Even in times or places of safety, you can never be sure if somebody is looking to rob you. Just about anybody could do it if they felt like it and you have to be prepared for all sorts of possibilities. You can also look for Pepper Spray with LED Flashlight for self-defence online .

A pepper spray gun is effective up to 25 feet and has a laser pointer to put you on the target at that distance. That does not mean that the only good unit is a pepper gun. The key chain or pocket models are very easy to carry in any situation and works extremely well in close quarters or around groups of people.

Pepper spray can be purchased in a stream, fog or gel pattern. The most common is the stream which is directed to the eyes of the assailant. In windy conditions such as a boat or outdoors the gel is not effected by wind as much as a stream and will work up to 18 feet. Also if your attacker reaches up to wipe his eyes he will just spread the gel around making the effect worse.

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