How to start a new business in Singapore

Not every business in the world is required to have its own stamp to make the documents official. In many parts of the world, a well-known designation like the CEO or the director of the business has to sign the documents to make them authentic. This is obligatory by law in most parts of the world.

That is not the case in Singapore, in order to make a business document legit it must have a stamp impression on it. Now you can have Singapore pre inked stamp for your business or any other type of stamp if you are interested. What must be understood is that every document should contain the stamp of your business.

Not only stamp is mandatory for any document but a company seal is also required. The rules of the country are must to be applied by businesses or they will face heavy charges by the government. The country’s government is strict when it comes to law and order concerning the Singapore’s business market.

With the registration of the business there are certain necessary steps required to be taken by any business in order to proceed with its sale. A company seal and stamp are one of those requirements which make a business document legit and according to law.


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