Dealing With Hotspots on Your Dog

Hotspots in dogs can lead to a larger problem if left unattended. Formation of hotspots can be on account of a very small itching, which can end up in a well formed hotspot after continuous scratching. The initiation of itching can be due to a number of reasons like insect bite, skin irritation or allergy, swelling, etc. As the dog starts scratching, the urge to repeat the same continues till the situation becomes critical.

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The hotspots formed can be remedied only if you can divert the attention of your dog from what is being done by him or her. On the contrary, your dog will end up in bruising himself or herself badly resulting in inflammation and infection. It may also start profuse oozing of some foul smelling fluid, making the condition worse.

What you can do under such circumstances is to clean the bruised skin first. You may trim the hairs from the affected region so that the bruised part, hotspot, could be made easily approachable. The hotspot area has to be washed gently and thoroughly with an antiseptic soap. Some antiseptic solution may be applied three to four times throughout the day. Care has to be taken for some time so that your dog does not start itching again.

Another substitute for antiseptic lotion, which is much more effective, is application of heavy antibacterial salve such as a Watkins Carbo salve. In general, it is used for sanitizing and cleaning of medical instruments. It has a bulky base and carbolic acid content which is helpful in removing the itch and providing sufficient time for the wound to repair. The salve can be applied in small square bandage over the affected area so as to prevent the dog from itching or licking the area.

A tablespoon of tea leaves can be boiled in a cup of water for five minutes and the extract may be used to wash the affected area. The tannic acid present in tea is indeed very helpful in healing and drying up the wound quickly. Application of Burrow’s solution twice or thrice a day can also do wonders due to aluminium acetate content in it and is easily available in nearly all drug stores.

Hydrocortisone ointment can be used in case inflammation or swelling in the wound is observed. This ointment is available in 1% concentration and is readily available. It can be applied twice a day after cleaning and drying the area. It is promptly absorbed by the skin, but caution should be taken to divert the attention of your dog so that it does not lick it off or start scratching it immediately so as to provide sufficient time for the contents to penetrate the skin.

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Aloe Vera and vitamin E can also give solace to the bruised site and are available in liquid and cream form. In case these remedies do not show any positive results within a day or two, you can take your dog to the vet and some antibiotics may be prescribed for your pet.

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