Types Of Envelope Printing


Envelopes are the basic exterior of any invite such as wedding invitations, birthday cards, business proposals and so forth. Personalising your envelopes either according to the theme or your business is a great way of letting the recipient know who you are. There is a variety of different printing methods to choose from when getting your envelopes made. Some of these are mentioned below:

1. Digital printing:

This method is one of the most common types for printing envelopes nowadays. Digital printing is cost efficient. However, looking at the offside, this method does not have precision when it comes to coloured printing. Although it may manage to be a close match, 100% accuracy is not possible with this method.

2. Flexographic printing:

This printing method is ideal for those looking to get envelopes printed in a large quantity. It is also very economical. However, similar to digital printing, the method is unable to provide sharp colours. Furthermore, there are limitations on the design that can be used.

3. Lithographic method:

This type of method is also known as Litho and is most suited for individuals looking for exquisite details and colour precision. On the other hand, this method is expensive along with being time consuming. But for all those enthusiasts looking for a spectacular end product, this method is the most ideal choice.

Envelope printing Brisbane provides all these methods and makes the printing experience easy and efficient.

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