Different Fruit Tree Pruning Styles

Before you start to prune a fruit tree walk around your tree and view it from all angles and get an eye for what you would like your tree to look like and what general shaping ideas you have for the tree. Remember that your trees are living creations and the cuts you make today will manage its shape for the years to come. This is specifically true of young trees in their formative stages.

There are three basic pruning styles- Open center, Modified central leader and Central leader

It is significant to choose your pruning system when you first plant your fruit tree as the first cuts are very determinative. If you are pruning an established fruit tree, prune to the established system. You can also visit mattstreeservice-llc.com/ for learning more tips on fruit tree pruning.

Open center pruning is chiefly used for stone fruits such as peaches, nectarines and apricots. It can also be used for apples, cherries, and plums.

Central leader pruning is used for apple and pear trees and often used for nut trees.

The Modified Central Leader system has a main leader trunk and three or four lateral branches that are also given equivalent importance so these scaffolding branches are about the same size as the central leader.

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