A Safety Guide For Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener is becoming so popular these days that I could rarely see any garage door without it. However, since it is a heavy mechanical device, and if not installed properly, combined with a 400 pounds garage door, it can hurt you severely!

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Most of us do not like to be instructed, but please read the whole article carefully – it is for your benefit only, especially if your garage door opener has been put up by someone else, you aren’t sure that it has been installed properly or it is old.

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An Electric Eye

Garage DoorsThe two photoelectric sensors that are installed on both sides of the garage door track should certainly not be installed higher than 4- 6 inches from the floor of the garage.

This ensures that a small child cannot come under the invisible beam of the sensor.

The door should stop and get reversed whenever the light beam is broken during the closing of the door.

A door edge sensor

A door edge sensor is usually used on elevator doors, but it can also be used in residential garage door openers. It’s a like a strip which is installed along the end edge of the garage door. Whenever there is an obstruction below the doors, it should stop and reverse the door.

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