Why You Will Want To Study For The Enrolled Agent Exam Regardless Of Your Past Experience

If you are thinking about taking the enrolled agent exam and think that you can pass without studying, then you will want to read this article.  One of the biggest mistakes accountants and tax advisers make, is thinking that they have years of experience and thus do not need to study for the enrolled agent exam.  Sadly, most of these individuals fail the enrolled agent exam, simply because they haven't studied or gone over all the new tax code changes.  Using an enrolled agent review course like the gleim ea review, provides students not only with the course books necessary to study each section, but also updates and recent changes to the tax code that are sure to be on the exam.

Courses, like gleim, also come with test software that allows students to get a feel of what the actual exam will be like, in a simulated online environment.  Since the irs enrolled agent exam is a three-hour proctored exam, you will want to get a feel of how to pace yourself throughout the exam, how to answer the easy questions first and then come back to the harder questions at the end.  With an 80% passing rate, not only does Gleim EA review stand out, but it really guarantee's students that they are going to pass if they put a little work into studying.  So, regardless of how many years of experience you have handling accounting matters of tax advising, unless you want to take the exam over, you will want to invest some time and money into an enrolled agent review course.  Not only are the courses fairly inexpensive, considering the time commitments and costs associated with taking the exam over for a second time, but the gleim course also comes with a pass guarantee. That said, if you invest just a few weeks in studying for the exam, and are achieving passing scores on your pre-tests, then you should reasonably expect a passing score on the actual exam.

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